Our Huggin Pawz Sheepadoodle Family!

Huggin Pawz Superior Pet Supplies came from our love of dogs and especially our sheepadoodles!  We have 3 F1 sheepadoodles that we absolutely adore!  The breed is hands down a lifetime favorite for us.  Friendly, social, gentle, active, goofy, non-shedding, hypo-allergenic and so much more!  We have had them with newborns all the way up to 87 yr olds and they are sweet and gentle when they need to be and crazy active with my teenage son the next minute!

Meet Millie and Hamilton!  They our proud parents to now 15 F2 Sheepadoodle puppies (litter of 7 and 8) and counting!  Next litter is due on Thanksgiving 2020.  Here are some pics of Millie and Hamilton and some of their past litters pups as they've grown.  

**More photos to come!**


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